Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis für Promovierende im PhD-Programm

medRSD Workshop

Please visit this event as early as possible so that you are informed about your rights and obligations and about scientific misconduct right from the start of your work. In this way, many possible problems can be avoided in advance.

Target group

Doctoral students in medicine / Phd-Programm (Member of medRSD)




Length of the workshop   

One day




250 € - for external participants


Free - for doctoral students and researchers at the Medical Faculty of HHU


medRSD: See below how to register


In the training program of medRSD:
Obligatory event
In the basic curriculum of the PhD program:
Obligatory event

Die nächsten Termine

Datum: Uhrzeit: Veranstaltung: Ort:
24.10.19 10:00 - 17:00 MRS 105.19 Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis für Promovierende im PhD-Programm
(Zur Anmeldung/Registration)
O.A.S.E., Raum für Entwicklung
25.03.20 10:00 - 17:00 MRS 33.20 Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis für Doktorand/innen des PhD-Programms
(Zur Anmeldung/Registration)
O.A.S.E., Raum für Entwicklung

Obeying the rules of good scientific practice is an elemental, if not the most important fundament to carry out research. Therefore, all scientist working at HHU are bound to the DFG Recommendations on “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” and the respective guidelines of the HHU.
As a young scientist participating in the MD/PhD programme, there are several points of interest to be addressed, e.g. concerning documentation, ethical considerations and interlectual property. Therefore, this workshop adresses to following topics:

- What is good scientific practice about?
- What are my responsibilities?
- What are my duties and my rights?
- What benefits are there in it for me and my work?
- How to prevent unneccessary (extra) workload?
- How to prevent problems?
- How to deal with problems?

Further information:
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