Tasks and objectives of the MedRSD

The Medical Research School Düsseldorf (MedRSD) of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf was founded with the means to support graduate education at the Medical Faculty. It provides centralized services for graduate students at the Medical Faculty helping them in furthering their academic career. The MedRSD wants to enhance the quality of the graduate student experience. It aims to offer the best possible conditions in terms of supervision and training leading to high-quality medical degrees.

The MedRSD organises several non-curricular activities, such as the annual introductory event "Einführung in die wissenschaftliche Promotion", the annual graduate students meeting/conference, workshops and other interdisciplinary courses. The MedRSD offers personal counseling for graduate students. It keeps an updated website with important information on programs of study, requirements and important deadlines. Online you will also find a job portal for PhD positions available in our institutes and information on network meetings for our graduate students.

By supporting young academics, the MedRSD also supports the Collaborative Research Centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche), Research Units (Forschergruppen), and Graduate Schools (Graduiertenkollegs), providing help in coordinating the wide range of training programms and offering additional courses.

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